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Demodex Infestation, Can These Tiny Skin Mites Cause Hair Loss in Humans

Demodex infestation can give way to different kinds of problems in the skin. Apart from itching, redness, inflammation, and other symptoms that it brings about in the face, it can also spread to the scalp and hair. This is because there is also sebum or naturally-occurring oil in the scalp. Demodex mites get nourishment from the sebum along with dead skin. By the time that a person gets the mites from being in contact to a carrier, the activity of the mites will begin; they will start to increase in growth, mate, and reproduce. In just a one follicle of hair, up to 25 mites can grow and live. In addition, many adults have demodex on their skin. They may not notice this because problems only arise when the population of the mites increases dramatically and when the immune system of the host is compromised. In such cases, different symptoms occur.

When demodex mites are in the scalp and hair, they may cause hair loss for many reasons. For instance, the increased number of demodex mites gets too much nourishment, leaving nothing for the hair follicles. Without the right amount of nutrition, naturally, hair will fall out. Another reason is that those parasites produce lipase so that they will be able to take in sebum. They need lipase so that they can break down sebum. Unfortunately, lipase is known to cause skin inflammation which makes hair loss worse. Also, when there are exceeding numbers of demodex mites, the body responds to eliminate them by blocking off the follicles so that the parasites will not have any means of nourishment. Although this body response may be effective in eliminating the mites, it also results to hair loss.

Even if there are limited scientific studies to prove that demodex mites can cause thinning of hair and baldness, many researchers believe that the possibility of hair loss goes higher when there is demodex infestation. This is also proven to be true by those people who have used products that fight demodex so that they can stop hair loss. Regrowth of hair occurred and the hair strands became stronger and thicker.

Nobody wants to watch their hair fall off. Thinning of hair and hair loss can bring about different issues in a person’s life. It is very obvious and hard to hide. It is especially disappointing when a female is affected. Without her crowning glory, she would lose self-confidence and this may hinder her from socializing and reaching her optimum potential. It can also be frustrating for males who may feel embarrassed about their baldness. Despite all these, it is reassuring that there are different ways to fight off demodex. All you have to do is make sure that you have the parasites. By the time that you are already certain that you have them, you can start getting treated. With proper treatment and compliance, your situation will improve and the manifestations of demodex infestation will be reduced. More importantly, hair growth will be boosted.

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