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Demodex products, ointments and solutions prescribed to treat demodex folliculorum in humans and pets

Demodex Treatment

 Line of Anti Demodex Products Made by Ovante Skin Care for Treatment of Demodicosis in Humans. Helps to Eliminate Demodex Mites on Face, EyeLahes and EyeLids.

Since we already know what are Demodex folliculorum and brevis are. We already know their form, structure, behavior, food source and habitat. Now let us go front on some treatment options that you may consider and/or options that your doctor might give you when you visit them regarding on such demodectic infestation. Because of course you need to know first what you are up against and in what way you can deal with them. Once that you are well informed of the organism’s basic information it would be easier for you to know and understand the treatments that can be given to you on your demodectic situation. It is still best and safe to say that your doctor’s opinion and suggestion are still your top most priority to consider. Proper diagnosis with a medical process would re-assure safety measures for managing such infestations.

One of the treatment options that your doctor may do is by trapping your eyelid margin with an ether solution, a procaine solution and a 70% alcohol once a week for straight three weeks. They could also suggest you to dilute a baby shampoo with 50:50 ratio of water and shampoo twice daily. Or you may also be given some prescriptions of antibiotic ointment for overnight usage. The best prescription that they will give for maintenance is by using tea tree and macadamia oil products. Mercuric oxide with a 1% solution is also being suggested by doctors. Although you should remember that by using volatile substances should be used with caution especially when using it on the eyelids, and direct contact to the cornea should be prevented.

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