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Demodicosis, What are the Symptoms and Manifestations of Demodicosis in Humans and Pets.

Demodicosis affects numerous people who do not realize that their skin conditions and problems are brought by the infestation of demodex mites. If you are one of those individuals who suspect that they may be the root cause of your skin disorders, then there is a way for you to know for sure if that is the case. In order to detect the presence of demodex parasites, sebum or oil must be squeezed off the skin and placed on a slide. This will then be viewed using a microscope. Using this will help reveal the tiny parasites that have eight legs and moves as it is shaking its tail and head. Through this method, the presence of the mites will be determined and it will be known whether they are alive and active.

Aside from this diagnosis, having demodicosis also brings about various manifestations. In the face, it is common to find the following symptoms:

·    Redness – This is commonly seen on the cheeks, forehead, and nose.

·    Tickling or crawling sensation on face – This feeling is typically felt on the forehead, cheeks, and nose.

It is more prevalent at night, which is considered to be the time when they are really active. A common response to this sensation is scratching the face. If you frequently scratch your face because you feel like something really tiny is crawling, then it is likely that you have the mites.

·    Tickling sensation on the scalp – Although it is usually associated with lice infestation and dandruff, they are also linked to demodex infestation.

·    Hair loss – Demodex activity can also cause thinning of the hair.

·    Pimples – It is also typical to find pimples or papules in the face when there is demodex infestation.

·    Itching – Different parts of the face as well as the scalp may itch in the presence of these parasites.

·    Wide open pores on the face.

There are also a number of disorders related to demodex:

·    Blepharitis – This condition is the inflammation of the eyelid. Demodex mites also inhabit the roots of the eyelashes.

Due to this, they can cause swelling and other symptoms within the eyelids. This disorder may affect a person within a period of one month. By making sure that the eyelid is kept clean, this may be lessened. However, its severity may vary and it will greatly help to visit your physician.

·    Demodectic Dermatitis – This is the swelling or inflammation of the skin which is caused by tiny demodex mites. Rashes, redness, and skin lesions are some of its manifestations.

·    Demodectic Acne Rosacea – This condition involves redness of the face, which sometimes includes the presence of pimples, pustules, and sensation of stinging in the face. It initially affects the center of the face, spreading on the cheeks and forehead.

It is highly important to detect the presence of demodex mites on your skin. They may be causing the problems that you are experiencing. If you know this for sure, you will be able to find the appropriate treatment which may either be chemical or natural. Although they may be both effective in decreasing your problems, you will experience less side effects if you choose natural remedy.

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