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Posted on Sep 21, 2012 in Demodex | 0 comments

Home management and regiments for demodex elimination with tea tree oill and homeopathic components

Every single person that I know really does care of the appearance of their skin. It is normal or habitual to check your body or skin habitually for any marks or changes, irritations etc. Proper personal hygiene is one of the best defenses for our skin against any foreign invaders ranging from bacteria, fungi, to small parasitic organisms like mites, scabies, etc. Neglecting one’s personal hygiene can be a start of any skin problems. For oils and dirt are the prior food source of any mites, especially demodex or face mites, in which can trigger sudden onset of infestation on our skin. Once infestation has occurred, it would be very difficult for one individual to eliminate them through vigorous facial washes and baths. This would require special reinforcements of the substantial essence of tea tree oil.

Yes, you’ve read that last part right. Aside from the well proven effect of the tea tree oil’s homeopathic components, it has a wide diversity of usage due to its major chemical properties. If biochemically speaking, its chemical composition would consists of a- terpinene; g-terpinene; p-cymene; and terpinen-4-ol, these chemical substances of tea tree oil, specially terpinene has been proven for its medical beneficial properties as quite effective against bacteria, fungi, face mites, scabies, etc. basically every organisms that tries to harm the skin can be eliminated or protected and maintained by tea tree oil. But be also very careful because of its powerful active properties against these organisms. It can also harm humans and animals by using it inappropriately. Make sure you ask your doctor’s advice for the right percentage of tea tree products. Some people have been to be allergic on a definite amount of tea tree to eliminate such mites like demodex and experiences dermal toxicity if not used properly.

Home management and regiments for demodex elimination can be properly attained by recommended tea tree body soap, facial wash and shampoo products. By using it habitually, you can attain a possible clearance from any demodex or face mites that may cause any irritability and/or inflammations on your skin, thus relieving it from any harm.

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