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Posted on Sep 23, 2012 in Ear mites | 0 comments

How to Diagnose Your Dog For Demodex Ear Mites

Many ear infections in pets, if not most infections, are caused by a species of ear mites. A mite is a microscopic, spider-like creature, which usually resides in the ear canal. With the naked eye, they can not be seen without an otoscope, which is a device to look into the ears of your pet, as it is often otherwise difficult.

The mites live in the ear canal, on the earwax and dander. Its presence causes lots of irritation, causing the host to produce extra wax, which the mite then eats. The mites lay eggs and then after about two weeks they hatch out to create more and more mites.

The symptoms and diagnosis are the same for the dog, the cat, as well as ear mite infections in rabbits and other animals. It is common for dogs and cats infect each other. Dogs suffer more from a mites than cats, but in cats the mites multiple faster and often has worse complications. An ear mite infection may also be caused by a mite called the demodex mite. In this case, the infection has been under way for quite some time, before the first symptoms occur.

The host of ear mite gets dirty ears with lots of earwax, shaking of its head and scratching too much, to point where the scratches result in broken skin. A bacterial infection may set in quickly, creating a phenomena that markedly increases in severity.

Ear mites should be treated, because they never goes away. The vet looks in both ears, with the naked eye and then with the otoscope. Usually both ears are infected. Quite often, the look and smell of the ear is enough to confirm the vets suspicion of mites, however, a swab or scraping is often taken, This bit of material is put under the microscope where the vet checks for mites. If mites are present then they should be treated immediately.

In some cases, the mites may have caused an infection. In other cases, the infection may have prompted the mites to multiply. Either way the vet will have to diagnose both in order treat the animal. Treating only the infection or only the mites will fail.

Not knowing whether ear problems are based on infection or mites is one of the reasons why people will treat their pets with Natural Ear Drops for pets made by Ovante, prior to visiting the vets. Ear mites are very serious, but often the vet has appointments and cannot fit your pet in for a few days. Meanwhile your pet is suffering. If you were to give the animal a stronger medication for either and infection or ear mites, then it may cause more damage, and lead to the animal going deaf or passing on. Using Natural Ear Drops for pets made by Ovante will kill off the mites without using harsh medication or chemicals. Once the vet confirms the diagnosis, then feel free to ask if you may continue the Natural Ear Drops for pets made by Ovante treatment, or if they have a better option. Since, until it is diagnosed, you have no idea if it is an infection, ear mites, or both.

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