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Posted on Sep 23, 2012 in Mange | 0 comments

How To Treat Demodex Sarcoptic Mange

When a dog’s skin is infested by mites, it starts to suffer a condition known as mange. There are different species of mites that cause this skin infection. Every kind of mite has a corresponding proper treatment. In this article, the different kinds of mange will be discussed along with the appropriate way of eliminating them.

There is one type of mange that is caused by demodex mites, which is considered to be the most common of all mange types. Demodex mites can typically be found in the skin of dogs, even the healthy ones. However, when their number increases in connection to a compromised immune system, the manifestations of mange start to present themselves. This can be treated with the use of chemical agents or natural remedies. Of course, the use of natural treatment agents is more preferable because they are known to be effective but do not give way to any harmful side effects. Some of the medications have active ingredients that include tea tree oil, dandelion, horsetail, and many others.

Sarcoptic mange is another type of this skin disorder. It is caused by Sarcoptes scabei, and it causes severe itching that results when an adult female digs deep into the skin to lay her eggs. This kind of mange can be transmitted to humans. Therefore, once you suspect that your dog has this type of skin disease, it is very important to have it tested so that you and your family members will not encounter any related problems. One of the methods to treat this skin infection is washing the dog with the medications that will be recommended by the veterinarian on a regular basis. Also, applying lemon juice to the inflamed parts will help alleviate the itching and pain experienced by the dog.

If you are not sure about the kind of mange that your dog is suffering with, you can still perform the following:

· The combination of borax to hydrogen peroxide is considered to be one of the most excellent mange treatments. Mix half a liter of 1% hydrogen peroxide with two tbsp. of borax. Give your dog a bath using this solution once every week. You should not wash it off the dog’s skin so you should allow the solution to dry on the dog’s skin. This becomes effective when the solution is absorbed by the skin. After two months, you should discontinue this treatment.
· If the ears are affected by mange, acidophilus can be used. Wash the inner part of the ear with one and a half tbsp. of plain yogurt.
· Apple cider vinegar, the raw kind, is useful when applied to the dog’s skin or mixed with the food of the dog. A tbsp. of apple cider vinegar, when added to the dog’s meal is already enough.
· Wash your dog’s beddings as well as the other items that it uses.
· See to it that you are giving enough food to the dog. If possible, you should include dietary supplements so that the healing process will be faster.

With all this, there is still hope that your dog will be able to recover from mange.

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