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Human itchy under skin bugs demodex, scabies bugs

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Ascorbic acid (vitamin C) Anise (extract) – increases the activity of cells-protectors. Aralia roots (extract) – immunomodulator. Astragalus (extract) – increases the production of interferons – proteins defenders. Basil leaves (extract) – great immunomodelyator. Birch leaves(extract) – stimulates – immune system cells. Sambucus black flowers (extract) – increases the activity of cell-defense. Knotweed herb (extract) – immunomodulating effect. Walnut leaves (extract) – increases the protective properties of the body, anti-inflammatory effect. Ginseng the roots (extract) – immunomodulating effect. Iceland moss (extract) – increases the production of protein-defense, antimicrobial. Kalanchoe leaves (extract) – increases local immunity, promotes healing of wounds. Stinging nettle leaves (extract) – stimulates the immune system, increases hemoglobin levels) Corn silk (extract) – increases the activity of cells-protectors. Leuzea carthamoides rhizome (extract) – immunomodulator, anti-inflammatory. Lemongrass seeds (extract) – immunomodulator. Rhodiola rosea, roots (extract) – immunomodulating.


Herbal, oil based formula of CBooster lotion, ensures extremely fast absorption of proactive, anti demodex ingredients deep into the skin. C Booster lotion encourages faster rehabilitation of the immune system of your skin. It restores and strengthens the immunity of the skin infected with demodex mites. Stimulates faster recovery from demodicosis.


Wash your hands thoroughly before and after the application. Wash your face with D Cleanser (anti demodex facial cleanser – wash). Pat your face dry. Take small drop of the C Booster lotion on to your fingertip . Apply thin layer once a day. For best results in post demodex recovery, apply the lotion only in the morning. After the application, move forward with application of Demodex Cream (anti demodex cream) and if neccessary, with other anti demodex products: Stop Demodex (anti demodex mask) and Eyes n Mites lotion.

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