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Mange in People. Can Humas get Sarcoptic Mange from Dogs

There are some disorders that can only affect your dogs, but it is very unfortunate to know that there are also some conditions that your dog can pass to you. Mange is one of the most common disorders that can be transmitted from dogs to humans. It is caused by small mites that are specifically known as Sarcoptes scabei, which makes small tunnels on the skin so that they will be able to lay their eggs. The skin, along with some hair follicles is also eaten by the mites to get nourishment.

In majority of cases, human mange is passed through direct contact. It is very contagious that crusted scabies, known to be one of the most intense forms of this disorder can be transmitted even if there is not direct contact to a person who is suffering with this disorder.

There are varying symptoms of mange from one human host to another. Some of the manifestations that should be watched out for include not-so-noticeable small bumps, reddish bumps, and intense itching. At night, all these symptoms are aggravated because the mites are more active at this time.

Those symptoms may not be readily observed for people who do not have a history or mange. On the other hand, the manifestations develop in as short as one to four days for those who have been affected by mange before. Itching on palms, soles of the feet, and scalp may be experienced by young people suffering with this disorder. Breasts, genital areas, elbows, armpits, and buttocks, or those body parts that are humid and warm can usually be seen with red rashes.

The presence of mange in humans is usually diagnosed by looking out for the appearance of rash. It can further be confirmed by checking if there are mites or eggs on the skin. This is done through skin scraping and analyzing the sample by using a microscope. There are some instances when skin scraping cannot reveal the presence of the mites. This does not necessarily mean that you are not infected with mange. You may suffer with the manifestations of mange even if you only have 10-15 mites.

The proper treatment for human mange usually involves a scabicidal lotion, which can effectively eliminate the eggs as well as mites. The lotion should be applied from the neck to the feet. For infants and kids, the lotion should be administered from the head to the neck. The skin should be clean before the lotion is applied and left on it depending on the product’s recommendations. Clean clothing should then be put on by the person undergoing treatment which can be continued from two weeks up to a month. It is important to have the other people in the house treated as well.

To make sure that the mites will be completely eliminated, the surroundings should also be made free of mites. The personal belongings of an infected person should be washed with hot water and dried using a hot dryer. They should then be placed on a plastic bag and sealed for at least three days. With all these, re-infestation will be avoided.

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