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Natural Products That Can Fight Demodex Mites

There are many natural remedies that you can use if you want to alleviate and eliminate various symptoms and manifestations of demodex mites. Using them is recommended because they will not bring about any unpleasant effects that may harm your well-being. Natural remedies that can eradicate demodicosis include the following:

Tea Tree Oil
Melaluca tree can be found in some parts of Australia, and it is the source of tea tree oil. It is very effective in removing demodicosis that it can eradicate the mites in just a few minutes within application. Diluted tea tree oil should be applied externally at the just the right dose. For those people who are affected by the mites in their eyes such as in the case of ocular rosacea, 50% tea tree oil combined with tea tree shampoo can be used as a regular lid scrub. Inflammation of the conjunctiva will be significantly reduced after 6 weeks. Since tea tree oil is not water soluble, it can be diluted using 50% oil of Macadamia nut for use around the eyes. Diluting tea tree oil using alcohol is not recommended when it is going to be used in areas around the eyes because it will cause irritation. It should also be noted that if you are going to apply tea tree oil on your face, remember to dilute it and never use it full strength.

There are also soap and shampoo products that contain tea tree oil. If you do not want to prepare the tea tree oil solution by yourself, then these products are suitable for you.

Olive Leaf

Olive leaf is another effective remedy when it comes to reducing, if not completely removing the symptoms brought about by demodicosis. Olive leaf capsules are consumed in order to get an effect that is similar to antibiotics. In this case, the olive leaf capsules are responsible in fighting off demodex mites. For treatment purposes, you should take between one to four capsules every day for a period of five days. After which, you need to give your system a rest for two days. In the next five days, you should continue to take olive leaf capsules. Since this kind of treatment yields very strong results, doses should be tapered.

Neem Oil

Neem oil is another natural remedy for eliminating different skin parasites such as demodex mites. It is often an active ingredient in numerous over-the-counter products. With topical products like lotion or cream, demodex can be eliminated. Since neem oil tastes bitter, mites do not like it.

Sulfur is used for the treatment of demodicosis, especially when it has already brought acne rosacea. The concentration that your doctor will give depends on the severity of the condition. In general, 10% sulfur is helpful in removing pustules and papules.

Lemon Grass Oil
There are some shampoos and cream against demodex mites that contain lemongrass oil combined with other natural items. It has properties that are effective in driving the demodex away.

When fighting off demodex mites, it is very helpful to drink a lot of water and take in a lot of vitamin D and vitamin E. They are beneficial in having clear skin that is essential in limiting the demodex mites from reproducing.

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