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Posted on Sep 23, 2012 in Scabies | 0 comments

Scabies on Dogs, Causes and Treatments for Dogs with Scabies

Scabies is a nasty skin disorder that can affect dogs. This contagious skin disorder causes skin rashes, formation of crusts, fur loss, and intense itching. Due to all these, you will notice that your dog will have a tendency to scratch itself repeatedly. All these are caused by the burrowing activities of the adult mites when they lay their eggs on the skin of the dog.

A lot of people wonder what causes scabies. This is important knowledge because when the causative agent is revealed, proper treatment will be given to the dog. Actually, scabies in dogs is caused by external parasites, specifically by small mites named Sarcoptes scabei which can only be seen using a microscope. These tiny mites are light in color and shaped like an oval.

The transmission of the Sarcoptes scabei mites from one host to another easily takes place. Direct transfer is the main process in which a dog gets to have the mites. For instance, when an infected dog comes in contact to another dog, it is highly likely for the other dog to contract the disorder. In addition, the mites may be present outside or in the surroundings. This means that your dog can also get the mites when it is outdoors on a place where the mites are present. It will be easy for the mites to crawl to the skin of your dogs. Also, your dogs can get those mites when they are indoors. This is because the mites as well as eggs can also be found in carpets. By lying down the mentioned carpets, the mites will then be on their skin. Two to six weeks after the direct contact, the initial manifestations of mange will then be observed.

If you observed any of the signs and symptoms that have been discussed earlier, it will be very important to rule out bacterial infections, allergies, and chiggers so that proper diagnosis of scabies can be made. The vet will also have to inspect the skin of your dog so that the presence of the mites will be determined.

After the diagnosis is made, it is of the essence to start treating your dog. It will alleviate the symptoms of scabies and may possibly prevent the likelihood of transmission to other dogs as well as humans. Proper treatment can be accomplished by giving medicated shampoos or ointments. It is more preferable to choose shampoos that have natural active ingredients to avoid side effects.

It typically takes one month and two weeks for the dog to complete respond to the treatment. During the course of treatment, it is important to limit its exposure to other dogs so that transmission will be prevented. More so, for some severe cases, quarantine may be called for.

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