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Posted on Sep 23, 2012 in Ear mites | 0 comments

Treating Ear Mites in Cats, Kittens, Dogs and Puppies

Ear mites are fought with ointment, ivermectin injections or pipettes with poison against parasites. Injections of ivermectin are not allowed to be given to small animals, only to large animals such as sheep and dogs. This is not to say that all veterinarians will agree. There are ointments with a remedy where the mites to die while antibiotics combat the infection and inflammation. Sometimes prednisone is given against inflammation and severe itching.

The ears should be kept clean, but this is not sufficient as a solution to the problem. At the pet store, you can buy acid ear drops. This keeps the ear somewhat clean and the mite does not like it, but it is not a cure and can cause further irritation. This is not healing; at most, it is a tool for making an ear mite life worse.

Some spot on medications help to prevent the transmission of the mite from one animal to another, but this is not a treatment. There is a medication called Stronghold that is often available at the vet. This is a pipette against parasites. This is in accordance with instructions for use on the skin of the dog (on the neck). It helps against various types of parasites, including mites and fleas. A better preventative medication would be something like Natural Ear Drops for pets made by Ovante. They kill off ear mites without harming the pet. That means you can use the drops, even if you only suspect there may be an infestation on the horizon.

If its ears are very dirty, they should be rinsed with warm water to remove dirt. Subsequently, an ointment should be applied to the ears, which contains at least one insecticide, in order to kill the mites.

Often the ointment also contains antibiotics and anti-mite agents. In theory, it is enough to bathe the pets ears in the ointment once, and then again after two weeks to treat and kill the just hatched mites. The result is usually better if the ointment in the intervening period is administered daily. Many people think that ear mites are not curable. The latter is certainly not true. If handled properly, it is almost always a complete success, and the mites will not come back.

Bacterial infections are a big complication if ear mites are involved. It does not take a long time for to such and infection to break through to the eardrum. Then you have a middle ear infection. If it goes still deeper, and the inner ear is affected, then even meningitis may occur. These complications are especially prevalent in rabbits, because ear mites in those animals is not easily noticed. It usually have very sad results as the animal suffers in silence up to its death.

In dogs comes as a complication called a hematoma in the ear. This arises from the scratching and shaking of the head. There is a nasty surgery that is needed to fix this again.

It is of great importance that ones should treat animals with ear mites quickly. It is fast and easy to treat, so as to prevent complications and to avoid contamination of other animals. Prompt action also results in the animal not becoming a chronic sufferer. Purchase Natural Ear Drops for pets made by Ovante immediately and contact a vet if the symptoms and mites do not (very) quickly begin to disappear.

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