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What are Demodex Brevis and Human Folliculorum Hair Mites. How Demodex Affect Hair Follicle.

Demodex is a kind of mite that inhabits mammals, and they live near the hair follicles. It is among the tiniest of anthropods, and it is known to have approximately 65 species. Of all these, there are two kinds that inhabit humans: Demodex brevis and Demodex folliculorum.

Demodex mites may be .1mm to .4 mm long, and they can usually be found within people’s hair follicles and pores. They specifically prefer to live in these parts of the body: eyebrows, roots of eyelashes, scalp, nose, and cheeks. These specific body areas provide them with the most attractive breeding and living conditions, along with the best temperature that allow them to be alive. These really tiny mites have tiny claws and scales that allow them to position themselves securely in the hair follicle. It is important to know that they are capable of reproducing almost uncontrollably. In just one follicle, the female adult can lay up to 25 eggs, making them tightly piled among each other. These young mites leave the follicle when they become adults. They mate and lay more eggs. These mites have different activities at daytime and nighttime. During the night, these mites are the most active and they go to the surface of the skin in order to mate. On the other hand, during the day, they feed within the follicle.

To absorb nutrition, these mites have mouths that are similar to a sharp needle. With these kinds of mouths, they puncture the cells and get nourishment. These mites enjoy living in an environment that is wet yet warm. When they lay their eggs in the hair follicle, they also take in with them some bacteria. There, they also produce some wastes and excretions that give way to different skin conditions such as aggravating rosacea, balding, etc. The presence of demodex mites is up to five times more likely for people who have acne rosacea as compared to those with acne vulgaris. Also, the likelihood of having extremely high demodex populations is more likely for people whose hair is thinning as compared to those who have healthy hair.

A researcher from a major cosmetics company first observed the presence of Demodex in a strand of human hair. With the help of a state of the art and high-powered microscope, he was able to magnify the scalp which allowed him to see numerous mites. Their heads were securely planted in the hair follicles as they indulge on sebum, an oily scalp secretion.

All these show that demodex mites are parasites that get in the way of having healthy and clear skin. It also prevents the growth of healthy hair. Due to these, it is highly important to take care of your skin and scalp and know whether these mites are the root cause of your problems. If you know this, you will be able to come up with solutions that will improve your condition. Natural products are very suitable when it comes to these kinds of problems.

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